Pastor Scott and Amy Wead

Scott Wead along with his wife Amy lead Lifehouse Worship Center.

What drives Scott and Amy in their desire to minister is a passion for helping others discover vision for their own ministries and unlocking the gifts God has given them. Scott and Amy both have many years of ministry experience and are committed to encouraging, training, and helping others transform lives for the Kingdom of God.


Scott began his service in ministry nearly 14 years ago. While serving as Pastor Benny Hinn’s personal assistant, Scott’s life was dramatically touched by the Holy Spirit. Seeing God heal thousands of people and being a part of some of the largest evangelistic services in the world, sometimes with millions of people receiving Christ even in a single service, has given Scott a contagious passion and faith in Jesus. After serving for nearly 5 years as a Personal Assistant and the Director of International Ministries for BHM, the door was opened for Scott to begin serving as a pastor in 2005. He has been pastoring ever since, and became the Senior Pastor of OC Remnant in March of 2008. In January of 2011 OC Remnant became Lifehouse Worship Center. 

Amy’s call for ministry was birthed while she was only 5 years old. As children Amy and her sister Grace would minister as a team, Amy would preach, prophecy, and dance; her sister would sing and play the piano.

Before meeting Scott, Amy worked in Christian entertainment where she helped in production and strategic marketing. She has worked with and done consulting for multiple entertainment groups including; TBN, Providence, Generation, Oxford Creative, World Vision, A. Larry Ross. Amy has been involved in a number of Christian film projects, including Omega Code, Carman, Extreme Days, and The Passion.


Worship Minister - Grace Williams

Lifehouse Worship Center is blessed to have Grace Williams help us to lead our weekly worship services. Grace is an anointed musician, songwriter/producer, and ordained psalmist. Grace’s worship CD’s have touched the lives of thousands of people throughout the World.

Here are some highlights from her ministry:

- Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural”                     - Harvest Rock Church
                                                                       Worship leader for Dr. Che' Ahn and Pastor Lou Engle 

- Generals of Intercession, Cindy Jacobs    - Oasis Worship Center, Nashville Tennessee
Women's Conference, Phoenix, Arizona       Music ministry with Pastor Danny & Jill Chambers

-"The Call" Los Angeles, California             - Healing Rooms, Spokane, Washington
The Rose Bowl Stadium                                Founder Cal Pierce redigs the wells of John G. Lake's             

                                                                       healing homes

Associate Minister - Marilyn Arledge

Marilyn is a licensed and ordained minister serving as church administrator at Lifehouse Worship Center and helping to oversee the intercessory prayer ministries.

Marilyn also serves as a Director of The Healing Rooms of South Orange County, and helped to launch and lead the Healing Room’s of Fallbrook and Camp Pendleton.  Her vision is to answer God’s call together to destroy the works of the enemy (I John 3:8), and to work through the whole Church to reach the whole community for Jesus Christ.